What We Teach

The Complete Craft Of The Actor

The complete craft of the actor: voice, speech, body and internal technique are stressed in all of our classes and workshops.  Sal Romeo, our founder and chief instructor has studied the different techniques and methods of the greats starting with Stanislavsky spanning the teachings and techniques of some of the most influential teachers to have come out The Group Theater.

Lee Strasberg. Sanford Meisner. Stella Adler. Uta Hagen. Harold Clurman. Robert Morris. Grotowski .  Their teachings and techniques are incorporated into Sal’s teaching style.  Which does not focus on teaching all of the different techniques.  Instead, he draws on them to teach you, the individual.

With every new student Sal asks, “What is best for you. This individual.”  Which is best for ‘this’ individual  is not the same recipe as ‘that’ individual.  It is Sal’s job to know what how all these teachers work, what they are about, what they brought to the table as well as the things that he has figured out and developed over the years and then discern what the formula is best for you.  Because not everybody needs the same thing, nor learns the same way.

Sal has been fascinated over the years with the teachings and work of Stanslavski and all the teachers that have been listed.  He has been a devotee of all of them and he is well versed in the teachings and techniques of all of them.  For Sal, its real fun for him to see someone come in who has been taught to never diverge from their ‘path’ who, once get an understanding of what other people they were told to stay away from are about – get excited because they see how they can become a better actor.

What is Sal’s Method?

Sal is proud to say that his method is based on the individual and tailoring what he teaches to the needs of the individual – at ‘this time’ in their life. A measurement of time and inner growth that is in a constant state of flux and change. What worked for you three weeks ago may not work for you today. How you communicated ten minutes ago may no longer be relevant, in the moment. Which is an incredibly exciting reality for us as actors to live, thrive, create, breathe, and grow in. It invigorates the way Sal works with his students; An ensemble of artists and friends. And he loves to work with people who demand to be challenged. Individuals who want to have a fresh relationship with their acting. Who want to learning and make a practice of living in the moment. Not only in their acting but in their daily lives in order to be a better actor.

Sal’s History

Sal was lucky to study with a lot of different individuals over the years.  First was with Dr Howard Banks of the Royal Shakespeare Company) where he received hardcore technical classical training before ‘The Method’ came onto the scene and really popped.

Sal Romeo's Friends and Artists Studio - Stanislavski's Chart, What We Teach

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Sal’s 2nd and 3rd mentors were actors studio teachers where he studied the hardcore emotional method work being explored at the time.  After which he met Robin Davidson (Meisner) who opened opened up new horizons.  Each teacher along the way opened up a new technique or aspect of the technique for Sal, which he realized all stemmed from Stanislavski.

Upon realizing this, Sal dove into 10 – 12 years of hardcore study of anything and everything that he could read, hear, and find out about Stanislavki’s work and what each teacher did with it in their own work.  In his devotion to understand the Stanislavski system and how each teacher took what they were taught and applied it to their own work, Sal was luck enough to read some essays and letters never published such as the following chart that contains the whole of everything.


For every method of acting that goes on in the western world today – Sal can point to the chart and identify what it draws on or was distilled from. Which came from Stanislavsky.  If you are a student or thinking about becoming a student, set up an appointment with Sal and ask him to explain it.  He would be more than happy to spend the next decade or two laying it out for you.