Private Coaching

Service Description

When you do an audition it is really good to have someone look at your work and say, “That’s Work” or “That’s Not Work” to help bolster your confidence or help you tweak what you are doing to nail it.

Most of the time when coaching really good actors, Sal will look at a 3 or  5 min audition and maybe have one or two suggestions for them.  Hearing someone who has been looking at them say, “yep you’re on track” gives them the confidence to really throw it out there so they do not spend their time wondering – is that good or not good when in their audition.

Can anybody have a private coaching session with Sal?

Sal primarily coaches students that are auditioning.  He will coach other actors who are not his students if they are referred to him.

Why do I need a referral?

Sal wants to know who he works with and is sort of selective who he works with.  He is not the best for everyone.  Everyone not best with him.  He enjoys his work and doesn’t want to be working with anybody that takes the joy out of it.  For either of you.

Will you video tape my audition?

The only time you really need to tape someone for an audition is if it is going to New York,  London, etc.  Most of the time the casting director will tape you.  But, if it needs to be taped and sent to a faraway place – we will.  As part of your coaching session.  Just be sure to let us know that we need to do so prior to our session.