About Friends and Artists

An Ensemble of Artists and Friends

Friends and Artists started out as a successful theater company in the mid ’80s – F.A.T.E (Friends and Artists Ensemble Theater).  Over the last 12 years, our founder, Sal Romeo, has carried on the legacy as director and teacher to a fine group of working actors here in Los Angeles.  He kept the name because the people who participate in his classes are just that – Friends and Artists.

As a director, Sal has been lucky to direct pretty much everything that he has ever wanted. Since taking over Friends & Artists, his interest in teaching and working with his students has taken center stage, and now 90% of what he does as a director involves his students. (Including projects not affiliated with Friends and Artists Studio.)

Sal is selective about who he works with. His classes are made up of individuals who express a mutual appreciation and respect for the work, the friendships, and the art that is ever evolving in his studio.

Friends and Artists are tenants of the Sidewalk theater.