Fionnuala Kenny’s Elvis’s Toenail

The year is 1961. A handsome young President is in the White House. Elvis has been discharged from the Army. The country vibrates to the sound of rock music. An exciting new decade dawns. Meanwhile, in Ireland things are bleak, and the youth look toward America with dreams of fashion, freedom, and fun.
The Church has a wooden heart toward sins involving sex and crying in the chapel is commonplace for unmarried girls who “get into trouble” and are driven to desperate measures. Yet, in a Dublin sewing factory, we find girls who laugh and lust away their blues with jokes, pop culture worship, and dreams of their idol, Elvis Presley.


When a talented teenage seamstress appears in the factory desperate for a job, the local priest becomes suspicious. As her employers discover they have a pregnant runaway amongst them who wants to keep her child, they are compelled to take sides. Will they risk everything to protect the girl’s right to motherhood, or will they be forced to surrender her to her fate?


Why should we be apart? I really love you, baby, cross my heart.


Don’t Be Cruel ~Elvis Presley


Critically acclaimed director, Joe Banno brings Fionnuala Kenny’s Elvis’s Toenail to the stage this Fall at Sidewalk Studio Theatre.



Starring: Arielle Davidsohn, Christine Quigless, Katie Savoy, Lenne Klingaman, McKerrin Kelly, Laurie Wendorf, Francesca Ferrara, Marnie Crossen, Gary Bell, and Saxon Jones.


Ticket Price: $15; Purchase tickets here.