Voice Work

Class Description

Most of us put tension in our voice.  As little kids we learn this trick in order to hold our feelings back and don’t even know it.

Voice work opens up your real true, relaxed lower registered voice to let your feeling and sound come through.  In terms of basic, fundamental acting – Sal can get you on the right track.  But, if you need more than what he can offer and seek the help of an expert – we’ve got her.  Camille (last name) is an expert and she teaches this class.

Can I get help with a dialect, accent or speech problem?

If you have speech problems Camille will give you basic exercises to get through them.  If you need to come up with a dialect or accent and it one that we know – we can help.  If not, we will refer you to somebody.

Who is this class designed to benefit?

Everybody!  Voice over, film, stage, etc etc – acting is acting whether you are playing to a 5000 seat theater, living room, one person or camera  – the internal process the same.

Are there prerequisites to take this class?

There are no prerequisites and this class is open to everybody.