Scene Study

Class Description:

Scene study class entails and extensive warmup of relaxation work and sense memory work – followed by scenes. What we do ultimately with the scenes is learn how to break scenes down, create characters, and work on mastering the technique of acting through playing characters through scenes.

Can I bring my own scene?

Yes. If there is a particular scene that somebody wants to do they can bring it in and work on that scene. We will find them a partner, listen to it, and if it is a good scene for them to work on by all means they work on a scene that they want to work on.

Do scenes get assigned?

Absolutely. Once Sal gets to know you as an actor, often he will suggest a scene or character within a scene for you to work on. As your teacher/mentor – his job is to find out what your weaknesses are. Once he can identify what your weaknesses are the more specific he can be in helping you overcome them faster.

What if I want to work on a type of character?

No problem. Often, an actor will come and say to Sal that they want to play a certain type of character and he or someone in the class will help you find a scene that will help you work on that.

How is the class structured and when do we meet?

Class details:

  • Class meets once a week
  • There are usually 12-14 people in each class
  • Everybody works every week
  • Class lasts 3.5 hours.
  • Part One: Relaxation and Sense Memory (1.25 hours)
  • Part Two: Scene Work (2.45 hours)

Please refer to our schedule for further details

How do I sign up?

You have to have meet and have coffee with Sal. Just send an email to set up an appointment or give us a call.

After you guys meet the next step is to come an audit a class. Which is free. If all the pieces make sense and it looks like a good match for everybody involved you sign up.

You can view the cost of classes here.

Why coffee with Sal?

This is so that he can interview you and you Sal. The two of you will sit for 30 minutes where Sal can learn more about your hopes, ambitions, desires, and background so it doesn’t take 4-5 months to figure out who you are to know how to teach you. As an individual.

What works for one individual is not the same for another. Sal’s job is to communicate with you. If he understands how you understand things – it makes the process easier. Instead of expecting you to learn his way.