Class Description

Movement is not about dance and is intense work.  We learn to completely free the body up – to relax the body – to find the feelings and the power in the body and to be able to express them specifically through an action.

You learn where your body is, where you hold feelings in your body, and how to release and put them into specific actions or sound so that all your energy is focused and there is no wasted energy.

If you think of an athlete or dancer – they can express with every muscle of their body. They put it into a specific action and they know where all that energy is going.

The same thing happening here. We take the body – the feelings, power and energy in it – and put it into our words, our look, and physical actions.

What’s the point?

Drawing from yourself you learn how to free yourself. Most of us as we get older learn to hold tension in. We’ve created all these places of tension where feeling is literally locked up. As we learn in relaxation and sensory work it is even more advanced in this work: We learn how to take and access that energy and that power and those feelings and do something specific with them.

How does it apply?

Let’s say you wanted to intimidate somebody. Or seduce or mesmerize somebody with your body. Or let your body completely release itself of grief. Movement teaches you how to relax the body so that people read you subliminally.

For instance, if you walk into a club and see two cute guys or two cute girls – it is the one who is relaxed that you are attracted to. So, in movement you learn to relax. When your body is relaxed it expresses. It expresses feelings on a subliminal level.

It is “that thing” that we notice in people that we describe as having “presence”.

Can anybody take this class?

It is an advanced class but there is no prerequisite to take it. It is open to everybody.

When do we meet?

Take a look at our schedule and get more specific information about the class here.

How do I enroll?

This class is taught by Ebba Marie, one of the instructors at Friends and Artists.  Give us a call or send us an email to get more information, speak to Ebba, check class availability.