Advanced Scene Study

Class Description

This is a more advanced scene study class of primarily working actors and Graduates of our Basic Scene Study class.

Do I have to take your Basic Scene Study class first?

As a general rule, yes. Our basic scene study class is usually comprised of people with degrees who have had extensive training under other excellent teachers imparting their own techniques. This is our ‘beginning place’. Having to take the Basic Scene Study class is in no way shape or form a judgment call on your present training. But a way to ensure that one understands how we work so that the Advanced Class can be the resource that it is intended.

Class Structure

Each class has about 20 people in it but, because they are auditioning, working, and their schedules chaotic – on any given week there is 8-10 people in each class. On others, the class might have 20-23 people in it. And it is longer than the basic scene study class.

  • Class lasts 5.5 hours
  • Relaxation and Sensory Work: 11-12pm
  • Break: 1 hr
  • Scene Work: 1-5:30pm
  • Meets one a week
  • Must have taken Basic Scene study to attend

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