Acting Techniques

Class Description

Acting Techniques is a workout. Like going to a gym. In it we do a little bit of everything utilizing different acting techniques and exercises with an extra dose of on camera and audition work.

What does the workout consist of?

  • Sense memory exercises
  • Relaxation
  • Improvisation
  • Advanced Meisner Work
  • Cold Reading Work
  • Auditioning Work
  • Camera work

Who is the class intended for?

We have people in that class that show up who have 15 to 20 years acting, some with 150 – 200 credits to their name. And interesting class intended for people not committed to having a scene partner who have a crazy schedule.

Can anyone attend?

We don’t take beginners unless have natural talent (something special about them), or have a couple years of training or a college degree under their belt.

Tell me more about the extra dose of auditioning and cold reading work.

Learning how to audition in today’s market is a skill in and of itself that has nothing to do with the work. Everything happens within a frame of a camera. In your audition one might have to do a three page scene (shoot bad guy, hide behind pole, realize partner you just shot . . .) while sitting in a chair unable to move around so as to not fall out of frame of the camera that is taping them. The audition is so much harder than actually doing the scene, so we spend extra time doing cold readings and working on auditioning

When do we meet?

Class is on Monday nights. Please follow this link to have a look at our schedule and pricing.

How do I enroll?

Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a time meet and have coffee with Sal.

After you guys meet and it is determined that the class is appropriate for you, the next step is to come an audit a class. After which you are free to enroll if you choose.

Why coffee with Sal?

This is so that he can interview you and you Sal. The two of you will sit for 30 minutes where Sal can learn more about your hopes, ambitions, desires, and background so it doesn’t take 4-5 months to figure out who you are to know how to teach you. As an individual.

What works for one individual is not the same for another. Sal’s job is to communicate with you. If he understands how you understand things – it makes the process easier. Instead of expecting you to learn his way.